LED ArtLED Art is a form of creation that has taken really well lately. The artistic creations made out of LEDs are quite popular these days and you can find some to buy or admire easily if you take a look around on the Internet. LED stands for light emitting diodes, which are used in different combinations to form art pieces that many enjoy. This is a modern technology and art form, which is desirable and it has its own place in the modern house of someone young and hip. Plenty of the artists which work with LED art are considered guerilla artists, which make temporary pieces in places that are public, but there are also plenty of artists that make pieces which you can buy. Since LEDs aren’t expensive at all, plenty of artists use them to create street art. You can also find LED art in the form of installations, interactive pieces of art and sculptures.

One type of modern LED art is the LED throwie, which is a combination between a LED, a magnet and a coin battery. They are used by LED artists to create light displays and non-destructive graffiti, by throwing the LED throwies on objects made out of metal. This way, the metal object is considered a canvas, on which the LEDs sit.

Just by looking around online, you will find plenty of crazy deals with LED art that you can buy. All you need to do is check them out and enjoy the beautiful LED art which is available online. Besides them being modern, these pieces of LED art also wow your senses and they sparkle, enhancing the look of your home.

One of the artists which is best known for her LED art is Jenny Holzer. She likes to use statements that are familiar, which she then reinterprets and gives them another meaning. Her work that is best known is Truisms, which was a compilation of aphorisms and statements, listed in different places, from phone booths to street posters and even on the LED billboards from the Times Square.

An installation called Cell Phone Disco works with the help of the cell phone of the viewer, using the spectrum which it emits and creating a visual interpretation from it. When you activate a cellphone in a part of a room, the LEDs which are placed on big grids are turned on and the LED art comes to life.